Phobophobes - Miniature World

Triptides - Visitors

Dead Meadow - Here With The Hawk (ft. Michael Horse)

Love'n'Joy - Come About

The Third Sound - Nine Miles Below

Interview with Diego Lopez from the french band Jim Younger’s Spirit

Buried Feather - Buried Feather

Black Lizard - Solarize (2015)

The Orange Kyte - The Orange Kyte Says Yes!

The Switching Yard - Yet Again

Nest Egg - Nothingness Is Not A Curse

Don Glow - The Intention Flow

Interview with Robbie Wilson from The Kundalini Genie

Preoccupations - New Material

Special | Little Cloud Records

Firefriend - Sulfur

Minami Deutsch - With Dim Light

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - Question Of Faith

Melt Dunes - Flesh EP

Insecure Men - Insecure Men

Green Seagull - Scarlet Fever

MIEN - Earth Moon

Soundwire - Dying Sun

Mythic Sunship - Upheaval (2018)

Le réveil des Tropiques - Big Bang

The Asteroid No.4 - Collide

Alpha Whale - Face It

Desert Mountain Tribe - Wide Eyes

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - King Of Bones