The Orange Kyte - The Orange Kyte Says Yes!

The Orange Kyte makes second albums seem easy. Building on the solid foundation of last year's debut, Grow It Right (Little Cloud Records), the Vancouver band -- helmed by Irishman Stevie Moonboots -- has enhanced the elements that made that debut great and infused them into this year's follow-up, The Orange Kyte Says Yes! (Little Cloud Records). 

The Orange Kyte is being powered under its own steam now, no longer interested in merely playing along in a psychedelic, shoegaze timeline. The band's unique sound is taking a sharper shape, molding three-dimensional psych-dream-pop with fuzzed-out edges softened by more intricate guitar-work. Stevie Moonboots is flexing his muscles and spreading his wings. 

The Orange Kyte Says Yes! is something new that feels old; something rough that feels wise beyond its years. The group is tighter and more focused, crafting a collection of songs that is even more exciting to listen to than Grow It Right. Still held down by a driving beat and walls of fuzzy guitar, the Orange Kyte has added an interesting depth to the sonic palette their previous effort only hinted at: additional layers of keyboards, more well-timed drum machine fills, and a wider saxophone flair that recalls the best of 80s no-wave. But the homage is accidental, a side-effect of inspiration: these are the elements that the music needs to be complete, not what the band thinks it needs to be noticed. 

It's all come together for the Orange Kyte on The Orange Kyte Says Yes! -- upbeat, dreamy, and dark combine to easily avoid the sophomore slump. 

Available on Little Cloud Records