Cherry Cosmos - Mother Tongue​/​As Worlds Collide (Fuzzed Up & Astromoon Records)

 Cherry Cosmos is the latest in a string of psychedelic bands to hail from Ireland's capital. While it remains a mystery as to who is behind this moniker, we certainly meet their low frequency drones and electronic effects with a warm familiarity.

The first stirrings from these guys come in the form of  a double A-side lathe cut 7" single which is slated for release on Friday Febuary 3rd via Fuzzed Up & Astromoon Records.

The tracks 'Mother Tongue' and 'As Worlds Collide', provide yet more firepower in the labels fine arsenal of releases.

Mother Tongue is a fuzzed out droney trip with a pulverising bass line that feels like it's pulling you in to another dimension. There is a solid hypnotic groove on this one that is irresistable which makes one play never enough! The real charm of this track though lies in the subtlety of the electronics which wash over you as you listen.  Although most likely unintentional, Mother Tongue delivers a feel good factor on each listen.

As Worlds Collide is a far more sinister affair. Heavy effects are used thoroughout. The fuzz levels and rumbling bass are likely to cause landslides if it's played at high volumes! This is a smokey sound relaxing yet motivating in equal measures!