The Uplifting Bell Ends - Super Giant & World Music Oddities

 Third Eye Stimuli is stoked to bring you a special vinyl release from Sydney darlings, The Uplifting Bell Ends! Announcing ‘Super Giant & World Music Oddities’, the first ever pressing of the Bell Ends’ adored ‘Super Giant’ album (originally released in 2015), specially remastered by Mr. Owen Penglis (Straight Arrows). To satisfy the die-hard fans, we’ve added bonus hits from earlier album ‘World Music’, including “Television”, “Soup”, “Milk” and more. This is a limited edition release with 300 vinyl copies pressed worldwide!

Preorders will ship out around 21st September 2020. Remastered album available now as digital download.

The release comes as a collaboration with French label pals, Six Tonne De Chair Records, who are releasing the record in Europe