Ultrasonic Grand Prix - Instafuzz

 The collaborative effort between Barrie Cadogan, renowned for his work with Little Barrie, and Shawn Lee, the mastermind behind numerous musical endeavors including the Bully video game soundtrack, resulted in the creation of their first joint album, Ultrasonic Grand Prix. At the core of this musical venture lies the tale of two vintage 60s guitars and their respective owners. Cadogan's affection for the Vox Ultrasonic, inspired by legendary bands like Spacemen 3 and the James Brown band of the late 60s, intersected with Lee's adoration for his 1967 Vox Grand Prix guitar, which he hails as an indispensable component of his musical toolkit.

For Lee, the Vox Grand Prix is more than just a guitar; it's a formidable instrument capable of producing a myriad of tones. His declaration of its significance underscores the deep connection musicians forge with their instruments. Meanwhile, Cadogan's fascination with the Vox Ultrasonic blossomed during a recording session at Anton Newcombe's studio in Berlin, where he had the opportunity to immerse himself in Vox gear. As fate would have it, Cadogan and Lee found themselves in possession of these vintage Vox guitars, the Ultrasonic and the Grand Prix, respectively, laying the foundation for their collaborative project aptly named Ultrasonic Grand Prix. The convergence of their musical prowess and shared admiration for these iconic instruments promises an exhilarating sonic journey for listeners.