Pleasurewood - They Live

 A theme park sits just north of the most Easterly town in the UK and boasts of thrilling and very antiquated rides that are constantly in danger of breaking down and where Exotica and Kitsch rub shoulders with heart attack inducing sudden drops into the void and where a technician can be seen often running from one ride to the other in a state of constant anxiety. Not only the place where Pleasurewood's Paul Elliott and Anthony Donje draw their name from but also a pretty apt analogue for their debut LP on Farfalla Records.

"They Live" is a trip through a cinematic funk-o-rama of French inspired 60's and 70's gauche TV beats and 70's and 80's Simla beat Mumbai synth rock. Glassy Vox Continental leads give way to purring Hammond Organ passages. The back beat is always underpinned by the drums and spicy percussion of Elliott. Chanted vocals are drifting in and out of consciousness- Jimmy Raney esque noodlings of jazz guitar played by Donje nimbly step across the stereo field. Both musicians compose and contribute guitar, bass and avian synthesisers.