The Albinos - The Montana

The Albinos emerged in August 2023 amidst the tranquil woods outside Houston, Texas. Their rise marked a unique blend of indie rock with elements of folk and blues, creating a captivating soundscape. The location, nestled within the dense woodlands, provided a perfect backdrop for their music, infusing it with an air of seclusion and authenticity. Their sessions at Storm God MFG. in Wesley, Texas, resulted in recordings that resonated with raw energy, capturing the essence of the band's creative spirit.

The 8-track, 1/2-inch tape setup at Storm God MFG. offered The Albinos a vintage yet vibrant recording experience, contributing to the band's unique sound. This analogue approach, along with the hands-on involvement of the band in the mixing process, ensured that every track maintained its organic feel. By overseeing the mixing themselves, The Albinos crafted a sound that felt as if it had been plucked from another time, while still resonating with modern audiences. This balance between old and new, organic and engineered, has drawn listeners into the world of The Albinos, where each song tells a story set amidst the whispering pines.