The Kundalini Genie - You Are The Resurrection

Since the vinyl has arrived, You Are The Resurrection is now available for pre-order, both digitally and physically and it looks like a couple folks snuck an order in already, so get yours while the gettin's hot!

Robbie Wilson - Drums, Bass, Guitars, Vocals, Keys, Sitar, Tambourine - All tracks. 

Jamie Telford/Jason Shaw/Robbie Wilson - Recording Engineer 
Jason Shaw - Mixing Engineer 
Joe Carra - Mastering Engineer 
Javier Foppiano - Artwork

Julie Aras : Every year, KUNDALINI GENIE, a great band from Glasgow, releases a new album, much to our pleasure !

Last year, it was with “Reverberation” and this year, with “YOU ARE THE RESURRECTION”. This album will be released on November 16th with 7 tracks.
Fabulous, Superb, magic sound and so very talented. I can’t say more ! We need to wait …