Interview with Guerra Despues De La Fiesta - GDDLF

GDDLF, an  another great band  from Spain.   

Thank you so much for accepting this interview. To start, tell us how is born your band and who is who ? When and how was created this band ?  

GDDLF: At the end of 2011, Mauro wrote and recorded three songs "luces que empiezan a molestar","santos(surf song)" and "felices pesadillas(nunca había estado tan bien)"..He showed them to those who would be part of the band the first years.. He also came up with the name "war after the party "Guerra Después De La Fiesta(G.D.D.L.F) explaning" If the party never ends, there will never be a war"....

During 2013 some left the band (to work on other things, play in other groups..) and so we get the current band: 

-Nacho Herrero: bass,guitar,percusion,backing vocals 
-Isa Marquez: vocals, percusion 
-Mauro Álvarez: guitar,synt,mellotron,vocals,percussion,bass 

Not always loving us, but we continue

Since last month we can  listen “Bailes Del Gulag”, tell us more about this album. Tell us more about where you recorded it,  since when you prepare it ?   

GDDLF: The truth is that it has been a long process. We did not have much free time available, and some personal problems. That's why it was recorded in different places and at different times. 
We have a portable equipment : revox 4 tracks, tascam, ribbon mics, pioneer reverberation sr-202w...etc...and where we could get together, we worked on the songs 

The album is a bit dark, fruit of the times we live...but it is our favorite

What is your favorite track from this new album and why ? 

"Allí, en un precioso trance" and "un brote llegando (siempre sereno)"..they were written and recorded the same day..."un brote llegando (siempre sereno)"it's an improvisation with Mauro on the main guitar singing "how to meditate" a poem by Jack Kerouac (his favorite) ..If you want to know what the lyrics say, read that poem...we have a great memory of that day,that's why they are our favorites

What are your projects ?  

For the end of the year,we released a new EP "corren sin dormir"..for beginning of the 2019 we want to give some concert in Spain

 Where come from your inspirations ? 

..Of life in the north of Spain,It was a very industrial area...and now is turistic.  
..Of personal experiences,good and bad:-)...the inspiration always arrives without warning

What is your favorite band ? A lot of people, can listen on repeat the same track or the same album during several days, do you do it ? yes ? with which band  ?   

We listen to a lot of music and many styles...on repeat?sure!:-)
-Nacho - townes van zandt "OUR MOTHER THE MOUNTAIN" and Kevin Ayers "SHOOTING AT THE MOON"...he is always with them 

-Isa- last blue angel lounge album (it's sad that they do not continue!) and all albums Jesus and Mary Chain 

-Mauro...on repeat"the their satanic´s"BJM and Rolling stones and white light/white heat album 

we want to mention the new album from Helicon (We hope to meet you one day!).. and the song "europa caput"10000 russos, amazing song!

Apart music, what are your other passions ?    

Isa loves history of art, Nacho read and skate, Mauro..the poetry, surf and drink alcohol with friends haha
We hope your audience discuver us, that enjoy our music... and to support the musicians!!
These are hard times! And thanks Julie for thinking in us!

 Interview by Julie Aras