Psyche Coaster Selection

Who am I?

I did over 230 videos for 6 years including fifty official videos (on request of a group or a label). It's my way to humbly contribute to the music I love, that passion that continues to punctuate my life.

Edition and video creation for rock / psyche / shoegaze / garage / electro bands. I collect images scattered all over the net to create a visual identity to an independent group does not have the means to develop professional video clips. The starting point of the process is the music. The videos are made by passion and/or the request of a group to highlight a song when an album is released.. I think with this kind of music there’s a strong cinematographic potential at every corner, which is not used due to a lack of time/resources. There’s very few bands that have enough funds to create a real video. Too many bands do without it or just with a basic “windows movie maker” editing with pictures. There’s a niche to be taken advantage of here, because I strongly think that a good video can bring a lot in terms of promotion. Mainly I believe that it is an underestimated way for bands, to enlighten their art. My work is in this gap, as an alchemist … recovering materials to create a new original work and bring humbly some visibilty to the music I / we love. 

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Thanks a lot to Christophe Gouverneur from THE.PUG who asked me to create this compilation. I always like to work with him. Thanks to the bands who have agreed to be part of this list. Thanks to the chouket for the artwork. 

I hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I took pleasure by doing it. 
Hugo aka Psyche Coaster