Psychedelic Underground Generation - # 01 (2018)

01.Sunflowers - Castle Spell 
02.Swedish Death Candy - Liquorice (Parts 2 & 3) 
03.Dead Meadow - Keep Your Head 
04.Helicon - Ring The Albanian 
05.The Black Heart Death Cult - Setting Sun 
06.Pretty Lightning - Willow Valley Blues 
07.Cascabel - Time to Wake Up 
08.Rosaire - I Am Alone 
09.Beechwood - C_F 
10.Leather Girls - Arabian Daze 
11.Baby Jesus - Over and Over Again 
12.The Shelter People - What It Means To Love 
13.The Kundalini Genie -The Soul That Makes Me Yours 
14.Full Moon Fiasco - Queen of Hearts 
15.VYMAANIKA - Spectroscope 
16.YAGOW - Time To Get Rid Of It 
17.Coywolf - Star Drool 
18.Blue Dream - The Battle Of Cicero

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