The Warlocks - In Between Sad

 A deeply moving, immensely heavy new album from the kings of L.A. psych rock scene, The Warlocks!

Written in the wake of his brother’s passing from cancer, frontman Bobby Hecksher crafts one of the most intimate, intensely personal albums of his 25+ year career!

Recorded in the spirit of experimentalism, the album incorporates instruments and sounds not used on any previous Warlocks’ album, such as 808 drum machines and classic ’80s keyboards!

To support the album, The Warlocks are launching the “In Between Sad” tour starting with a slew of international dates in October and November!

“This album is for people that have lost someone. It’s a heavy album. It’s a sad album. Listen on that rainy day, on the subway or bus with your headphones in and sadness in your throat. It’s the album I didn’t want to release but I guess HAD to. We’ve all got to move forward. This one’s for my brother Robert – may he rest in peace. Much love.” – Bobby / The Warlocks

Release Date: September 22, 2023 on Cleopatra