粗​糙​影​像 Rough Image - 粗​糙​影​像 Rough Image

 Formed in 2016 in Jilin, Changchun, Rough Image is a three-piece instrumental rock band from northeast China, with solid skills and influences from Krautrock, psychedelic rock, noise, and experimental music. All of their current recordings come from rehearsal improvisations and live concerts. Zoning out and imagination are what they are seeking in their improvised session. Meaningless and aimless, they are in love with the rough, fuzzy, spontaneous, and free sound.

The occasional state of mind cannot be replicated. Such a feeling is difficult to be recorded in a professional studio, so the band hasn’t released any official studio album. This double CD is the first physical album since the beginning of the band, a selection of fleeting moments from the past few years. This release is not their original intention, but let these recordings be the memoirs of the band, maybe they will come back with a studio album in the near future.