Sunflowers - A Strange Feeling of Existential Angst

Formed in 2014 and howling from Porto, the band known as Sunflowers has been shaking up the Portuguese music scene and like the plague in the 1300's, they've been spreading all over Europe. Over the past 3 years, for their 4th album, they decided to work on something new, building new grounds for them to express what has become of us as pieces in a puzzle.

They realised pretty early that these collection of songs are a bit more complex, kind of experimental in its composition, angry and a little bit resentful on how they see the world around them. Musically it's all over the place - mellow, almost ethereal ballads collide with disco beats and rebellious punk attitude, motorik beats jump into frenzied elevator music. A sense of urgency and paranoia revolves around the whole record, like it’s going nowhere and everywhere at the same time.