The Routes – Tune Out, Switch Off, Drop In (2019)

Recorded over a period of 18 months by Chris Jack and drummer Bryan Styles, “Tune Out, Switch Off, Drop In” is the seventh studio album from Japan based trio The Routes.

The album title and cover are a modern take on the famous Timothy Leary phrase “Turn On, tune in, drop out” and LP of the same title. Both the title and imagery have been changed to reflect the f%$ked up world we live in today.

The album contains ten original songs, all tied in with the statement of the album title and artwork. Everything from songs of entitlement, manipulation, misinformation, decadence and denial, to songs of love, hope, acceptance and much more…

Although the music is garage/psych on the surface, you can hear subtle references to other 60s inspired music such as 80s UK indie/shoegaze, as well as punk, US indie and Krautrock. It’s like 60s garage punk (Back From The Grave, Nuggets style), with elements of Sonic Youth, Spacemen 3, Can, Sonic Youth, Loop, The Fall…

Describing the sound of this album sounds crazy in words but it works, and what’s even crazier is that it still unmistakably sounds like The Routes!