Amgala Temple - Invisible Airships

Amgala Temple is the sound of the three musical forces combined. The result is an overwhelming clash of spontaneity and control, improvisation and clairvoyance - all meshed together in a quest to make something radiant.

The mix of Lars Horntveth, Amund Maarud, and Gard Nilssen is a fan of music, and they have made great impact as a bandleader, solo artist and musicians in an array of projects - be it Jaga Jazzist, Susanne Sundfør, Todd Terje, Morudes, Bushman's Revenge, A-ha Gard Nilssen's Acoustic Unity.

Aim Amgala Temple sounds like the above. These musicians' profound interest in old and new sounds, and their deep respect for each other, is essential in creating this space where they can create more freely.

Lars Horntveth's multi-instrumentalism - playing bass, synthesizers and more, Amund Maarud's wild guitar abilities and Gard Nilssen's flawless freeform drumming makes for a breathtaking sound.

Their debut album was recorded at Oslo Konserthus and Amper Tone Studios, and was recorded in only a few days. As a record of their natural sound, the recordings remain untampered, resulting in a very honest display of their core sound.

This album is the first of a series of records that will be offered by Amgala Temple through Pekula Records, a record label set to document bold sounding, experimental and imaginative music from within and outside of Norway.