Rosaire - I Am Alone

(Kerwax Live Session #1)

ROSAIRE was founded in Saint Brieuc in 2013 by 4 friends 
who wanted to spread their vision of Rock and Psychedelism 
to the world. The band released their debut EP, aptly named 
‘Four Mysteries’ on the 10th of October 2014, after a full year 
of rehearsals. 

With an EP that testified for their potential, Rosaire played 
many shows in and out of Brittany, alongside such artists as 
Matmatah, Last Train, Grand Blanc, Kaviar Special and many 
others, offering a two-track single titled ‘Samsāra’ in the 
process, released on the 12th of January 2016. 

2018 will see the comeback of Rosaire as they set out to 
release their first full-length album ‘Ecstasy’, recorded at the 
soon-to-be mighty Kerwax Studio. This new studio effort is 
scheduled for May and holds the sound the band has been 
striving to achieve since its creation.