Beat Degeneration - I Wanna Live in NYC

New project of Guido Giorgi, making Since 2013 already as a multi-instrumentalist Italian 
Acid rock band Jennifer Gentle's attention. For his solo debut Dream Machine wrote 
and produced all the songs on his own. Out Come here is a power-pop album full of lively 
guitar songs that now i.a. appear on Burger Records. Inspire Guido let this makes of his 
youth idols such as The Jesus and Mary Chain, My Bloody Valentine and T.Rex or casts a 
refreshing modern sound that good mood and desire for the summer!


01 Nations
02 I Wanna Live In NYC
03 Tom
04 I’m Not Good Enough
05 Sweet Louise
06 Goodbye
07 Siberian Dreamers
08 My Dear Old Enemy
09 Like Wind
10 Nowhere (A Land Where I Belong)