Night Beats - Sunday Mourning / Live

The Black Ryder - Let Me Be Your Light

The Coral - Chasing The Tail Of A Dream

New Candys - Song for the Mutant

Dead Skeletons - Dead is God

My Expansive Awareness - Keep On Dancing

Kill West - Out to The Stars

Psychedelic Underground Generation #32

Cage The Elephant - Mess Around

The Babe Rainbow - Secret Enchanted Broccoli Forest

The Hacienda - North Pole

Giöbia - Lentamente la Luce Svanirà

Black Market Karma - Jokerjam

Static Daydream - More Than Today

White Noise Sound - Heavy Echo

Sonic Jesus - Telegraph

Mr Elevator & The Brain Hotel - Nico and Her Psychedelic Subconscious

Magic & Naked - Pictures Of An Imaginary Desert

Driftwood Pyre - Man On A Wire